A national level quiz competition for Engineers!

By The Electronix Club-SNIST

Participate and win Internship Opportunities

Register here: http://bit.ly/tecsnist


This quiz is for 100 marks and has 3 rounds in it. The overall score is a cumulative of 3 round scores. Students will be promoted to the next round only after clearing the cut off of the previous round.

Round 1 : (50 Marks) Will be held on 30th August 2020

This round is based on five basic domains and they are.

  • Aptitude(5 questions)
  • Reasoning(5 questions)
  • Basic Coding(5 questions)
  • Maths-M1,M2(5 questions)
  • English(5 questions)

A total of 25 questions and each question carries 2 marks.

Round 2 : (30 Marks) Will be held on 2nd September 2020

After clearing the first round with a gap of a day or two second round will be conducted. This second round will be domain-based. Students will be tested on their selected domain. This round has 30 questions and each carries one mark.

Available domains are:

  • Electronics
  • Communication
  • Image and Signal Processing
  • Antennas & Microwave engineering
  • Programming domain for CSE/IT
  • Basic physics and coding (C language) domain for first years
  • Common Science domain for non-CSE/IT and ECE

Round 3: (20 Marks) Will be held on 6th September 2020

Toppers ( 4 to 5 ) from round 2 would proceed to this round which is an ORAL ROUND.

Rules are simple here.
20 numbers would be displayed on Screen. We will ask each person in sequence to select a number. The corresponding questions under that number would be asked. If he/she answers he would get 4 points or else the question is passed to the immediate next student, who would get 2 points if answered right, else the question would be dropped. So each one would be asked one question at a time in a single cycle.

Perks and Certifications:

  • First winner from each domain will get an Internship/training program from microchip academy
  • Second winner from each domain will get 50% off in Internship/training program from Cisco academy
  • The digital certificate of merit will be provided to the people who top in each domain.
  • Certificate of appreciation will be given to students who make up to 3rd round.
  • A certificate of participation will be provided to all other participants.

Who can Participate?

Students from all engineering colleges (university or affiliated) belonging to ECE, ECM, IT, CSE, EEE, and allied branches/ specializations can participate in this competition.

For further details contact:

Surya Aitha :9100672556
Prasanth Guna :9704249218