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In TEC we believe that, learning is a continuous process in one's life but an individual's learning should not be constrained with in one's walls but should be spread and shared. Here in TEC, we sternly believe that we learn, share and in the process we prosper. Ideas come from invidual's knowledge and organizations take shape from teams who share ideas.


TEC, started as a club in SNIST, striving for it's long term vision of club diversification. This is just a place , where it took shape ,but it is a platform for all those freaks of electronics and welcomes u all to get registered with us and start your own club at your college with mutual assistance and cooperation.


The mission of the club is Technical Advancement, we as students, could never satiate with the conventional way of learning and always wanted to support theory with equal emphasis on practical implemention and hence we work for technical advancement.






Things we do as a team

Weekly Sessions

We conduct technical sessions every week for Freshers, Sophomores and Juniors on different days of the week on various concepts of electronics along with hands on experience on the same.


We conduct workshops during various technical fests, on latest technologies and in various colleges in and around the state. These workshops receive enormous appreciation because of their quality and cost.

Innovative Projects

Club encourages students to come up with new ideas and helps them in all ways possible. Club extends its support by helping students technically and financially to make sure they transform their idea into reality.

Mini/Major Projects

The Electronix Club, took the responsibility of completing the academic projects of SNIST- ECE & EEE Departments. Technical team educates students on their project and helps them to complete their projects.

Technical Competitions

We encourages students to participate in technical competitions in various colleges across the country. Club provides technical and financial support to ensure success in these competitions.

R & D

The technical department of the club is always busy in learning new concepts of latest technology and also designs demo projects to help students understand with ease.

Annual Magazines

This is part of club's tradition, where every year we release an annual magazine named "Charge" which includes various innovative projects talks, and articles completed over the academic year.

Intern Opportunities

The club has some connections with major related industries, which allows students to try an internship opportunity and gain industrial exposure.


The club has a huge room allocated which keeps all the components and projects. The components are updated and checked to be always in stock, so that students do not have to go and buy them somewhere else.

About us

After all, Who are we

Who we are |How we do

The Electronix Club is formed to teach, support and encourage those students who joined their Engineering in Electronics because of their passion and genuine interest towards electronics, but not just to complete their Degree!


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  • Takes up most of the technical activities and events.
  • Has technical heads who have amazing amount of knowledge and skills on practical electronics as well as other sciences.
  • The most demanded people while doing projects are from the technical department.
  • They also take up weekly sessions and conduct workshops during the technical fests in the college as well as in other colleges too.
  • Does the organizing and arrangements needed for the activities to take place at required time & place.
  • Have contacts with many people in the college for any help needed in arrangements for activities or events.
  • Apart from organizing the activities they take care of travelling arrangements during activities which makes it easy for students living far off places to attend them.
  • TEC has its own inventory which makes it convenient for students to purchase all kinds electronics components at the TEC Club room instead of going far off places to buy these
  • All the electronic components to be sold , the components to be reused , the components to be renewed in stock is managed and held in account with the inventory department.
  • The members in the inventory department have very good idea about the components present in the inventory regarding their names, shapes, sizes, features and more.
  • Makes all the documentation part for all the departments whenever needed too.
  • The documents may include permission for sessions, events, workshops or for listing out components, their numbers, the budgets of activities and other monetary aspects.
  • It also does the designing of the posters, banners or placards needed for publicizing the events of the club and letting students know the details of it.
  • This department is specifically introduced for members of the club to increase their involvement in the activities of the club
  • to find out whether their needs are met or if they expect something more or something else from the club.
  • Let know the other members of the club about the members needs and try to approve of them if possible.


Well Deserved & Equipped Leader, voted by the club who supervises through all the departments function cardinally with team work and all the objectives are accomplished . Makes vital decisions with the suggestions of the members of all departments as appropriate.


The main source of planning and organizing all the activities and other events going on in the club. Takes suggestions from the president and general secretary and handles situations in the absence or presence of President or whenever asked too.

General Secretary New

The strongest support to the president and the club. Helps in all the decisions of the club. The most dedicated person in all of the departments. Checks out whether the objectives are achieved as planned, if not try to resolve them with heart and soul.

Faculty Advisor

The faculty advisor is a member of teaching staff (mostly from ECE department) who supports, encourages and strengthens the club by giving his valuable suggestions and ideas. The faculty advisor will be present at all the gatherings of the club members including its sessions and other activities to make sure everything goes in order.

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Central Library Room No. 7104 - SNIST
Ghatkesar, Hyderabad, Telangana 501301, India

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